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Investment Map

Message from President

“The future of the market lies in multi-asset income funds with diversified multi-dimensional assets across DIFFERENT ASSET CLASSES. The expanded opportunity set and flexibility allows us to adjust our capital allocation to not only maximize returns, but rather to maximize the opportunities for compelling risk-adjusted returns by expanding our potential yield in any economic environment. ”

– Andrei George (President, Wealth Venture Limited)

6 Steps of Wealth Venture’s Investment

1)Investors purchase W packages from Wealth Venture Limited.

2) Wealth Venture Limited directs the funds into the Wealth Venture Worldwide Multi-Asset Fund.

3) Wealth Venture researchers and analysts study the market and identify and align the asset classes to maximise diversification & returns, and minimise asset correlations & risks.

4) After identifying the components in the diversified asset classes, varying weights and amount of funds are allocated into the different classes.

5) Wealth Venture traders then begin various in-house proprietary trading strategies, such as trend trading, allowing for adjustments with respect to market changes.

6) Each asset class yields significant profits, which are directed back to Wealth Venture Limited and passed on to investors.